Community Stand Scheme

‘The next Generation of Fans’ in the Community Stand at the EBB Stadium.

  • Up to 250 free tickets will be distributed for each weekend, home fixture.
  • The initiative will focus on engaging with ‘Tomorrow`s Supporters’ and the club are particularly keen to work in partnership with local Schools, junior Sports clubs, Charities and community groups.
  • For the new season, the initiative will be led by Shots Foundation Trustee, Paul Marcus and our lead coordinator Jamie MacAllister. 
  • The Club’s modern ticketing system will ensure Community Stand guests are able to receive their tickets in advance.

Shots Foundation Trustee Paul Marcus is excited about plans for the new season. “As someone who was taken to their first Shots match at the age of six years old, I am determined to help our club reach out to young supporters. With the benefit of planning and modern ticketing facilities, we should be able to make real progress in filling the stand with future supporters.”

Finally, we are pleased to announce that this season (2023/24) we, along with Aldershot Town FC, distributed just shy of 3,000 free tickets to our community and their respective community groups through our Community Stand Scheme. With 54% of these tickets going to children under the age of 18, we are working towards our goal of getting ‘Tomorrow’s Supporters’ to the EBB Stadium. 

The recipients of the scheme included over 30 local grassroots football youth teams, 18 schools, various military groups, care homes and more! The scheme will be back in operation for the 2024/25 season and more information will be provided in due course!